Friday 20 October 2017
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Articulate - Running the LMS module on sharepoint for office 365

  • Thursday, 15 December 2016 01:09
  • Written by Editor

I was faced with the challenge of adding some really basic LMS content into our Microsoft SharePoint site on Office 365 as an alternate training method.

On researching this it seemed that it could not be done. HTML not working in Sharepoint and downloading instead of opening.

But there may be a quick and easy solution if you just want to view Articulate content in the browser from a link in sharepoint. 

1) Export the data in the appropriate web format( zip file) 

2) rename the suffix of the index  .html files within the content to .aspx

3) Unzip and upload to a folder in Microsoft SharePoint

4) Link to the file and there you go, it should open.

I have not thoroughly tested this but it seems if you rename the HTML file suffix to .aspx the content runs in Sharepoint from a link without issue.