Monday 14 October 2019
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Bonsai Photography Section 9 - Reviewing the photo

  • Tuesday, 05 August 2014 00:00
  • Written by 

Reviewing your photos




Review your photos as you take them.

Look at your image on the back of your camera and zoom in at 100%. move the cursor around the screen and look for the focal point that it is clear and sharp.

If you are doing a full tree shot;

  • Check that you have fit everything into the shot, that there are no branches slightly off screen on the sides, top or bottom.
  • Check that you have the stand in the image if you require it.
  • Check that you have at least a little space around the whole tree so that you have a little flexibility in post production
  • Have you done a landscape (horizontal) shot, do you need a portrait (vertical) image as well


  • How does the lighting look?
  • Is the image in focus at 100%
  • Can you see all details that you want to see
  • Are there any patches in the photo that are really dark and you see no detail at all?
  • Are there any patches in the photo that are really white/bright and you see no detail at all? These could be "blown out"
  • Take a photo with the aperture + 1 and - 1 and see what the image looks like.


Review your photos on the largest screen possible as a second step if you are not connected directly(tethered) to a PC while you are taking the photos.


Advanced tips

Check the histogram through the back of your camera if you can do that on your model.




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